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KV Promoting & Sales, as a promotion & sales company, with the aim of creating long-term relationships of trust with its customers, undertakes, on their behalf, the strategic planning, distribution and promotional activities of their products.

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Fiber Oil Absorbents, O.W.L ABSORBENT-CLEANING are new generation materials that are 100% organic and biological and can be used on all surfaces, such as roads, pavements, industrial floors, marble, cement and water in case of damage or leakage, as well as in contaminated soils, without any impact on the environment or nature, as they are non-toxic and anti-carcinogenic.


They can absorb in a few seconds all petroleum products as well as a wide range of chemicals and toxic substances, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid but also paints, dyes and organic liquids such as blood.

Our products can absorb up to 10 times its weight and can be reused several times until the material is saturated with the absorbed substance. Absorbs up to 130 chemical and toxic substances as well as paint, grease and blood in the soil and water.

All products are hydrophobic and can stand in water for up to 6 months.

This makes them necessary to absorb all contamination from spills at sea and for this reason O.W.L has created a very large range of products where in addition to the vegetable fiber we provide cushions in different sizes and even sausage barriers to immediately stop the spread of infection.


They are unique since they only absorb the contamination materials and not the water where we face large problems with the weight when picking them up.


Exclusive representative for the whole world is the company Troia Nautiliaki EPE based in Piraeus with many years of experience in the field of shipping and mainly in the field of ship repairs and beyond.

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