KV Promoting & Sales

Complete commercial solutions
product management & marketing.

KV Promoting & Sales is a
marketing and promotion
services company
based in Athens.



KV addresses a variety
of industries in Greece,
but also abroad.

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We specialize in the sale and promotion of products.

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with real cases.

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KV was created in 2020, with the primary purpose of promoting sales, distributing products and strengthening the marketing of businesses and entities, regardless of industry and sector.


We located the sales needs of sales market globally
We are ready to develop professional sales techniques and skills .
Our stuff is a team of sales people who love to sell.


What exactly are we doing?

Our company's human resources have many years of experience in product sales.
At the same time, we have developed services related to product branding, as well as their promotion through social media.

Up To date, we have recorded significant sales successes in new and niche products.
A notable example of our services is the sale - distribution of absorbent biological materials for spills and contamination of soil and sea from oil and its derivatives.

In general , KV's activity extends to various sectors, with the main ones being Shipping, Industry, Heavy Industry and the Automotive Industries, whilst we cooperate with oil companies, the Greek State, and organizations based not only in Greece, but also in Cyprus and the Middle East, or Abroad general .

Think it.
We sell it.

We undertake projects in
Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

How do we do it?

Our dedicated team creatively combines data-driven strategies and industry knowledge to create customized solutions that resonate with your target audience.


We work with distinguished companies and brand names abroad.

Additionally , we have the necessary equipment, but also the appropriate human resources for the orderly, reliable and timely delivery of each project we handle.


We provide help and support at every stage of our cooperation, whether it concerns the sale or promotion of your products, in Athens, the rest of Greece, but also abroad.

Our purpose, is the achievement of your goals.


Such times when selling is the key product of success for all trading companies, we are committed to ensuring it for you.

Our headquarters


We provide facilities fully equipped with our products, from there we receive and distribute. Using modern sorting-classification systems, we can process your shipment promptly, reliably and safely.


The products are stored in special warehouses, which have been configured in such a way as to comply with all safety and hygiene protocols and regulations.

Let's organize your business plan now!

We receive Orders either through our salespeople, or through our call center.


For your better service, samples of our products or services are available by appointment. There is also the possibility of an appointment at your place.

KV Promoting & Sales

You think it
we sell it.

With customer satisfaction as our primary concern, and always with a professional, ecological and social conscience, we are here to realize your corporate goals.

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